AGI – 23 October 2008, Thursday


Asian Gaming Investor


Intelligent Investment Insights for the Gaming Market in Asia

Understand your markets and be aware of the upcoming opportunities in gambling, betting and lotteries in Asia

Welcome Remarks by the Chairperson

0930 - 1000

Keynote Address: Gaming Investment Environment in Asia

  • What will the impact of the global credit crunch be on Asia's casino
  • Will Macau’s growth continue at the same momentum moving forward? Is Singapore on track to have successful integrated casino resorts? Are executives of leading global casino gaming firms making enough investment into Asia’s business development?
  • Which countries in Asia are poised to make significant strides in gaming legalization or liberalization over the next five years?

    Jonathan Galaviz, Partner, Globalysis
1000 - 1100 An overview of Partnership and Growth opportunities in Asia
  • How to create partnerships with various different gaming operators?
  • How likely is the gaming industry to continue its rapid growth?
  • An insight into how the company plans to gain from Asia- What are the incentives and implications for foreign investors to partner with local companies?

Case study of Pacificnet:
PacificNet has recently joined Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (SJM) at SJM slot halls for a joint slot play promotion in Macau. Would partnerships be the best option in the Asia’ gaming industry. Are you positioned to take advantage of future opportunities?
Tony Tong, Co-founder, PacificNet

Case study of AsianLogic:
The company has recently announced its acquisition of Bele Group Limited, a casual games software development house and will share its views on
the investment and growth opportunities in the industry.

Kan Tang, Business Development Director, Asian Logic

1100 - 1130 Morning Networking and Coffee
1130 - 1200 Tax Efficiency to Minimize Your Costs and Increase Gains
  • Residency, citizenship and other factors influencing tax liabilities
  • Double tax agreements and their influence on revenues
  • Structures to facilitate tax mitigation
  • Lower tax residency programs
  • Gaming start-ups and ventures - which jurisdictions work best?

    Jacques Scherman, MD, Sovereign Group
1200 - 1230 Operators: Growing your business - Financing Alternatives and Attracting Investors

To hear a case study of the company which has attracted cash recently, and also to learn about the experts' views on gaining financial support

  • Adjusting your business' strategic plan based on market conditions
  • Choosing the right kind of finance: Private Equity; Venture Capital; IPOs; Joint Ventures
  • Choosing funding partners:
    o What are they looking for?
    o How do you know they will support your business?
    o How does the relationship work?
  • How much money is there for the business, compared to other hospitality or entertainment investment?
  • Having the right market entry and exit strategy
  • What are the differences between local and foreign investors? How do they work differently with Asian operators?

Oliver Go, Senior Vice President, PhilWeb

1230 - 1400 Lunch and Networking
1400 - 1430

Technology Investment Focus


VLTS, Live Dealer, Slot Machines, Software for online games, payment technologies and many more..... Which technologies or gaming machines are set to be big in Asia? Let’s hear from the industry experts and learn about their investment in technology.

  • How does investment in cutting edge technology give gaming companies in Asia a sustainable advantage or key differentiating factor?
  • What does it take to turn a technology investment into real profitability?
  • How much will Western game infiltrate Asia in both land-based and online settings? e.g. Poker
1430 - 1515 Panel Discussion: Existing Gambling Market Focus including Macau, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand

Macau has been actively developed into a casino city, but the government has just recently stopped issuing new licenses to new operators; The Philippines is about to get a new multi-billion dollar hotel and casino complex that could bring in up to 3 million tourists a year.
Australia and Malaysia have a well-developed gaming industry. What’s the future for these jurisdictions?

  • Are there still opportunities for new players in these markets?
  • How to win from the competitive environment

    Jose Mari Ponce, CEO, Cagayan Economic Zone Authority
    Michael Gore, Asian Gaming Consultant, Orient Pearl Entertainment & Management
    Christopher Parker, CEO & Chairman, Asian Poker Tour
1515 - 1545 Afternoon Networking and Coffee
1545 - 1630 Closing Address: Panel Discussion on New market focus including Japan, China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam
  • Balance between risk and opportunity
  • Growth of gaming in Singapore: lessons in comparative models between east and west. Which way will Singapore go?’
  • Investment in the Indian Gaming market: A journey in patience and pre-preparedness or a market destined to remain untapped until 2010?
  • Opportunities for sports betting gaming companies in maximizing returns from the newly launched Indian Premier Cricket League
  • What are the opportunities in China for lotteries and horserace betting?

    Douglas Morin,
    Executive Director, China Construction Bank International Securities
    Hwa Min Hsu, Founder, iFaFa

    Michael Gore, Asian Gaming Consultant, Orient Pearl Entertainment & Management
    Sean Lau, Chief Governance Officer, Nagacorp World
1630 Summary by the Chairperson
1645 End of Asian Gaming Investor 2008
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