AGB Day 1

AGB DAY ONE – 21 October 2008, Tuesday


Registration and Coffee


Welcome Remarks by the Chairperson
Robert W. Stocker II, President, International Masters of Gaming Law

0910 – 0950

Predicting what Model Gaming in Asia will Follow

  • Examining the spread of gambling globally and what has contributed to the explosion in Asia
  • Reviewing the different models of controls:
    o State owned and run
    o State owned and privately operated
    o Privately owned by singular or multiple operators
    o Club model
    o Tourist development model
    o Free enterprise
  • Predicting what "flavour" of gaming will predominate in Asia
  • Performing checks on all parties who have some control or revenue share – What is best practice?
  • Future-proofing regulation to take account of new developments and technologies

    Prof. I. Nelson Rose, Professor of Law, Whittier Law School
0950 – 1030 Opportunities, and Pitfalls, in Integrated Resorts: Where will be the Next Macau?
  • What can jurisdictions realistically expect from new developments?
  • How can they ensure that gaming benefits the community and their markets?
  • Considerations in providing a supportive and competitive environment for casino developers and operators?
    o Infrastructure
    o Open access
    o Tax rates
    o Population density
    o Wealth
  • Comparing some of the new jurisdictions with Macau and Las Vegas

    Michael Chen, President, Asia Pacific, Harrah's
1030 – 1050 Morning Networking and Coffee
1050 – 1130 Junket Regulation and Licensing
  • Describing the evolution of the Macau system since the old STD system
  • Determining the best way to manage commissions and table limits
  • How much control should the government have in regulating junkets, versus a market-based model?
  • Will other jurisdictions follow the Macau or the Singapore model?

    Panelists include:
    Ricky Tse, Vice President Internal Audit, Jimei Group
    Norman M. MacKillop, Country Manager - Macau, Spectrum OSO Asia

1130 – 1210 Protecting your Gaming Business from Money Launderers and Terrorists
  • Outlining how money laundering and terrorist financing occurs in land-based and online gaming venues
  • Identifying the red flags of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Customer due diligence – preventing and detecting laundering and terrorist financing

    Sandra Lawrence, Director, Cogent Group
1210 – 1250

Financial Institution Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Laws


Mr Shi will present the work of the Anti-Money Laundering Bureau of the People’s Bank of China and talk about how it is incumbent on financial institutions to identify their customers and prevent the illegal flow of money.  He will also present some cases of illegal gambling that were uncovered and how the PBC provided intelligence assistance and AML administrative investigation.

Shi Yongyan, Anti-Money Laundering Bureau, People's Bank of China

1250 – 1400

Lunch and Networking -
Sponsored by Asian Coast Development

1400 – 1440

Advertising and Marketing Regulations in the Different Jurisdictions

  • Advertising rules for brick & mortar compared with on-line gaming
  • Rules for land-based and online gaming across different media platforms (TV, radio, print, outdoor, on-line, event on-premise sponsorship)
    o Restrictions on banner ads
    o Including play-for-fun options
  • Who is liable for “gray area” advertising due to lack of legislative clarity (gaming operator, media agency or media platform operator)?
1440 – 1530 Socially Responsible Gaming
  • Key findings from problem gambling reports on Asian gamblers
  • Best practice for exclusion programs
    o Self exclusion versus family members or casino taking the lead. Can/should casinos exclude potential problem gamblers?
    o Length of exclusion
  • Introducing measures to increase accountability – Who
    is liable if an excluded gambler is accidentally allowed
    to play?
  • Corporate social responsibility initiatives in the gaming

    Prof. Hao Zhidong, Associate Professor & Head of Department of Sociology, University of Macau
    Tex Rees, Fair Gaming Advocate, eCOGRA
    Panos Makridis, Responsible Gaming & Compliance Manager, Galaxy Casino
    Francisco Gaivao, Senior Legal Counsel, Melco Crown Gaming (Macau)

1530 – 1550
Afternoon Networking and Coffee
1550 – 1630 Panel Discussion: Regulatory Approaches to Gaming Devices and Technology
  • Steps for ensuring that new technology is consistent with regulations
  • Mandatory returns required by the Tier 1 jurisdictions
  • Laws governing centralized monitoring of slot machines
  • Reviewing plans for new certification laboratories

    David Kinsman, CEO, Weike Gaming Technology
    Ken Crouse, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Cryptologic

1630 – 1710 Prospects for Regulation and Legislation of Online
Gaming in the Region
  • Forecasting the prospects for legalization of online gaming - results from studies on the necessity of regulation
  • Developing rules for the control of online gambling across national borders and determining whether the current legal situation provides a statutory frame of reference for developing these rules
  • How effective would taxation be as a regulating factor?
  • Benefits and disadvantages of blocking the communication channels used for online gambling or of impeding payment transactions
  • Types of gaming currently authorized in different jurisdictions

    Rick Smith
    , Head of Government Affairs, Policy & Regulation, UC Group & Former Executive Director, Interactive Gaming Council
1710 Close of Day One
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